On August 27 of that year, Jamestown, Virginia experienced the earliest recorded hurricane in the US.  The Jamestown colony was established on May 13, 1607.  The first African slaves arrived there on August 20, 1619.  These Jamestown people were into keeping records, as evidenced by this timeline.  So it strikes me as odd that nobody recorded a hurricane in the intervening 60 years between when the colony was established and when the 1667 hurricane hit.  Nobody thought to write down about a hurricane?  In 60 years?  Nobody?

But I digress.

In addition to baffling me as the year of the first recorded hurricane in the US, 1667 is, more pressingly, the number of words I need to write every day in the month of November to successfully complete NaNoWriMo.


That is a lot of words to crank out every day.  Most of my blog posts are well under 500 words.  I’m looking at daily writing at least four times what I’m accustomed to writing.  Yikes!

But at least I have an idea.  Here is the tag line for my newest novel, Kept.

In the midst of a family tragedy, Ellen learns the truth of her roots and the strength of her past.

Kept is about Ellen discovering the truth of her family’s past – that all of the women of her family have been kept women, in one way or another.  Through letters, diaries, and newspaper clippings found in her parent’s attic, Ellen ultimately learns about the legacy of loss, but also of strength, of her forebears.

As I’ve been planning it out, I actually find myself much more interested in the story of one of Ellen’s distant relations.  I think maybe her story will be a prequel to Kept.  We’ll see.

So, 1667.

That’s my goal every day in the month of November, but if I reach it or if I don’t, I’ll be happy I’m progressing with my writing.

I’ll keep you posted.


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