I am an executive coach, the founder of Life, Education, Literature, & Arts (LELA) House, and an education innovator.  I believe learning is collaborative: We all have something to teach;  we all have something to learn.  I have led a number of large-scale initiatives in innovative university settings through inspiring and developing the people in those environments. Recognizing that education and art are transformative, I created LELA House as a way to care for educators and creatives who want to discover their next steps.  LELA House is a space for coaching and community, learning and becoming, inspiration and transformation. I enjoy pushing my creative boundaries, and I speak and teach on a variety of inspirational and writing topics.

I am a Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, writer, dancer, and educator who champions ideas, access, and equity and loves the arts and nature.  I am a life-long learner with an earned Ph.D. in English literature.  I have taught writing for 20 years at both post-secondary and secondary levels, have worked in writing centers for 11 years, and I am a licensed minister.

I, unsurprisingly, enjoy writing and reading all kinds of literature, but I have a particular fondness for 19th Century American literature.  Check out my YouTube channel to find out more about my literary interests and writing foibles.  You can also check out the LELA House publication to view some of my other writing.



  1. Just to let you know how much I appreciate checking your blog. I didn’t know I could clearly put my thoughts in writing until I worked with you. I’m a better writer because I met you.

  2. As a Christian college student who loves to write and dabble in creative ventures, i’m so excited to have found this blog of someone who has been through where i am and is blossoming in love through he family and career. i love the consistency of your blog, and am blessed to be a new addition to your blog community.


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