Double E

For those of you who thought the title referred to electrical engineering, to you I say, “Who knows?”

For the rest of you who aren’t engineers and didn’t automatically assume that the title was an engineering reference, I’ll explain.
TB has mentioned that if becoming a star NFL player doesn’t work out for him that his fallback career will be engineering. He isn’t sure yet what type of engineering he might pursue, but he is only eight.

In addition to engineering, however, he also has a penchant for writing. He has written stories, plays, and instructional manuals. And just this evening he commented, without any prompting, on the indentation of paragraphs and use if commas in the book we were reading. Of course we had to have a discussion on formats, independent clauses, and compounds verbs.

He really does like English, although I don’t believe he conceives of pursuing it as a viable career option.

Nevertheless, maybe when he’s in college he’ll double major in the Double Es.

You never know.

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