And the Award Goes To…

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, the competition has been stiff this week between The Boy and The Girl.  Zingers have been flying back and forth, but a few have stood out as exemplary.  In the category of “One Line Sibling Rivalry Quips,” we have the following nominees.

The Boy, for his rendition of “I’m Just Trying to be Helpful.”
After TG walked away from breakfast leaving her cereal box on the table.
TB (extra loudly): Hey! You forgot to put away your cereal box!
TG: You’re just screaming so I’ll get in trouble!
TB: I didn’t know if you knew you had forgotten to put it away like you’re supposed to. I’m just trying to be helpful.

The Girl, for her role in “Throwing in the Towel.”
TB: Hey! Why did you throw your towel at me?!?
TG: I didn’t throw it. That just happened.

The Boy, for his  performance in “Really?”
TG: What if there was a colony of ants, of 10,000 ants, that were the size of very large bushes?
TG: Really?  A colony of 10,000 ants?

The Girl, for her intense portrayal of  “Leave Me Alone.”
TB is sitting on the couch playing a video game when TG walks in and sits down on the other end of the couch.  They discuss various games for a bit when something goes awry.
TG: Leave me alone!
TB: *silence*
TG: I said, leave me alone!
TB: *silence*
TG: Aargh! Why won’t you just stop bothering me? Ok? Ok?
TB: *silence*
TG: LEAVE. ME. ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the award goes to….

The Girl, for “Throwing in the Towel!”




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