Women Rock



OK, let me backtrack.  You got the top 3 absolutely right.  Out of the 100 Greatest Women in Music (of the last 20 years), Madonna should be seated at the number one throne.  Mariah in the #2 spot and Beyonce in the #3 spot are also right on target.

Gaga at #4 and Adele at #5?  Really?  I’m not a Gaga fan, but I do think she should be on the list, even high on the list.  Top ten.  I am an Adele fan, but #5 seems too much.  I’m outdone that both Adele and Gaga topped Whitney (#6) and Janet (#7).  I’m not surprised, though, because some of the other rankings baffled me.

Fantasia came in at #32.  She wouldn’t be on my list at all, but I can accept her presence on the list.  What I don’t understand is how she beat out Queen Latifah (#34) and Melissa Etheridge (#42).  Really?

What put me over the top was Celine Dion taking the #21 ranking?  Celine?  Only #21?  Celine didn’t even make the top 20?  Really?

Really, VH1, really?

Trying not to take it personally,

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