What Do You Want More of?

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As I’ve told you, I’m working my way through several writing classes.  Woohoo!  (I just felt so good writing that that I had to holler!)

So today’s question is to ask what do my readers want more of from me.  Over the years, I’ve told you stories about my children and about my students.  I’ve posted my poetry and my fiction.  I’ve written about politics and education.  I’ve shared about my life in St. Louis.  I’ve written about God.  In short, I’ve told you what seems to me to be all the things.

Those are the things that I feel most qualified to write about and that I believe are the most interesting to you.  But those aren’t the only things I know about or am interested in.  I teach writing and know all kinds of things about writing centers.  I’ve been married for over two decades to my college sweetheart.  I teach Sunday morning bible study.  I lost 25 pounds and have kept it off.  I think Cheerios are the perfect food.  I enjoy crafting.  I love to dance and sing and make music.  I like tiny things, like stubby pencils and mini cucumbers.  I’m a huge Octavia Butler fan.  I could go on and on about 19th Century American literature, particularly literature by and about black people and women.  And if that literature deals with miscegenation and race relations, then grab a seat, because you’ll be listening to me for a while.

Essentially today’s lesson was telling me that it’s quite possible that in all of my writing that I’m not writing about what my readers want to know from me.

So I’m asking.  Please post in the comments what you would like to see more of from me. And don’t feel you have to limit yourself to anything I’ve listed.

Thank you so much for sharing your ideas with me.  I can’t wait!


  1. I thought writing about the kids was outstanding because I learnt so much and got some home solutions. I would like writing about the topic of afterlife and the rapture if you could write about it.

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