Modern Era

I overheard the following yelling match.

TG: Will you please play a chess?!?
TB: *Ignores his sister*
TG: Please play a chess!
TB: *Ignores his sister*

At this point I assumed they were playing chess, and TG was waiting for TB to make a move.  To be honest, though, I wasn’t sure, because I had never before heard the phrase “Play a chess.”

TG: Would you play a chess?!?
TB: Would you do something besides move your rook?

At this point, with my chess-playing assumption confirmed, I wondered why they were yelling at each other.  I took a peak in the den to see what was going on, and I found only one of the children in the room.

I had assumed they were playing chess in the same room at the same board.  Silly me.  Instead they were in adjacent rooms, playing through a chess app on their devices.  And of course hollering at each other.

Modern times.

checkmated-chess by PIRO4D on Pixabay at
checkmated-chess by PIRO4D on Pixabay at

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