Am I Repeating Myself?

Why oh why do I fritter away my time?

Because using my time following intellectual pursuits always makes me angry.

Right now I’m angry at the state of education in the US.  Ok, I know.  I always seem angry about that.  And you’re right; I am.  But I don’t notice it as much when I consume my time  with mind-numbing activities.

My dreams of reshaping education are grandiose, but my life has yet to catch up with my dreams.

God’s timing isn’t my own, but maybe God’s timing and mine would better align if I refused to occupy myself with what’s meaningless for what lights my fire.  And education certainly does that.

I’ll try not to unleash my educational wrath on you.

Chalkboard with "Welcome to Class" written on it by Tumisu on Pixabay at
Chalkboard with “Welcome to Class” written on it by Tumisu on Pixabay at

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