Home Time vs School Time

Five minutes at home is very different than five minutes at school.

Five Minutes at Home 

Me: Come on kids. We’re leaving in five minutes. It’s almost time to go. Why don’t you have on shoes? It is time to go. Why aren’t you ready?

Kids: We have plenty of time. Do you want to play a game? I think I’ll practice my violin. I think I’ll video chat my friends.

Five Minutes at School

Me: I still have five minutes of your lives. Do not pack up. It’s just rude and you’ll miss something. We have plenty of time to get some good work done. You know we learn in here from bell to bell. Plus, you also know I’ll tell you at a minute that you can pack up.

Students: Let’s pack up. Five minutes isn’t enough time to do anything. Why not just let us go early? I can’t write anything any more. I already put my pencil away.

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