Reunion, Pt 12

“It’s been a long night.  I think I should head in,” Kaidis said stifling a yawn.  At some point she had slid off of Latroy’s lap and now sat with her legs across his and her bottom on the bed of the truck.  She could almost lay down right there and go to sleep.

“I see I wore you out, just like the last time we spent the night together.”  Latroy had that mischievous look again.

“You know good and well we have never spent the night together.”

“By my count, considering how late it is currently, it has now been twice,” he said, placing a kiss on her collarbone.  “There was the infamous night of the movie.  I got to your house a little bit after dinner, and I didn’t get home until about 3am.  That sounds like spending the night to me.”  He shook his head remembering.  “My mom had a lot of questions the next morning.”

“Really?  What did she say?”

“Mostly she just wanted to know if you were going to be her daughter-in-law for real.  She also wanted to know if I had ‘deflowered’ you as she put it.  She was sad the first answer was no but relieved that the second one was.”

He had thoughts of deflowering her right now and pulled her down to the truck bed, so they were laying side by side.  Latroy ran his hand down her side gliding over her breast and lingering on her hip.  He reached around until he grabbed her bottom and pulled her body tight against his.  And then he just held her.  He felt her heart beating and matched the rise and fall of her breathing.  He savored the lavender, vanilla, sweet, and spicy smell of her; and he got a bit tickled by the crazy coiled curls under his chin.  Latroy soaked in all that was Kaidis and released a contented sigh.  He smiled into the top of her hair when he realized his mom would ask him the same two questions tomorrow and be disappointed and relieved all over again to hear the same two answers.  He planned to keep trying until both answers were yes.

Latroy kissed Kaidis’ ear and said, “Let’s get you in bed, sleepy girl.”  Nearly asleep already, she nuzzled into his chest.  “Kaidis,” he tried again.  “It’s time to go inside.”  He dropped his hold on her, so the loss of body heat might help to wake her.  Kaidis yawned, and they both stretched.  Then they each began rubbing sore spots.  Maybe lying down in a truck bed at 43 years old wasn’t such a good idea.  Eventually they both scooted themselves out of the truck and hand-in-hand Kaidis and Latroy walked to her front door.

“Oh, my glasses,” Kaidis suddenly remembered.  Latroy jogged back to his truck to retrieve them.  When he returned, he pulled her into an embrace, kissed her tenderly, then gazed into her eyes.  “I’d like to spend the night tonight,” he whispered.

“You know I don’t…”

He cut her off.  “I know you don’t, and I respect that.  That’s not what I’m asking.”  Latroy paused.  “No matter how much I want to.”  He kissed her throat.  “And I want to,” he said trailing his lips to her collar bone and down to her cleavage.  “A lot.”  Lifting his head, he ran the backs of his fingertips down her arms and grabbed her fingers with his own.  “I want nothing more than to marry you and earn that privilege.”  He kissed her fingertips.  “But right now I just want to hold you.  Be near you.  Feel you in my arms.  Take care of you.”

Kaidis shook her head no and stroked his beard, enjoying its coarseness against her fingertips.

“Maybe some other time then.”  Latroy smiled and released his hold on Kaidis.  “Church starts at 8,” he said.  “So I’ll be by at 7:30.  That gives you at least a few hours of sleep.”

“When did I agree to go to church with you?” Kaidis asked.  Latroy just grinned.

After a quick kiss goodnight, Kaidis disappeared inside and Latroy returned to his truck.

Thirsty, Kaidis walked to the kitchen for some water and saw the vase on the table.  She had forgotten all about it, so she stopped to admire it and realized she had never read the card.  Inside the envelope was a handwritten note.

To Kaidis,
My first love and my forever love.
With all my love,

Lavender rose by kittomalley on Pixabay at

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