Reunion, Pt 1

Lavender rose by kittomalley on Pixabay at

“What time do you want me to pick you up?” Latroy spoke into his cell phone, wondering how this woman could be this hard-headed for this many years.

“I don’t want you to pick me up,” Kaidis answered.

“Of course you don’t.”  He shook his head.  “Why wouldn’t you want to drive to the reunion after you’ve been on the road for ten hours already and without much sleep?”

“I don’t need a ride.”  At least not from you.

“I’ll be there at 6:00.”  Kaidis started to interrupt, but Latroy shushed her.  “Look, girl, I get it.  Little miss independent.”  He had forgotten how exasperating she could be at times.  “Let me do this one thing for you.”

Besides her mother, he was the only person on the planet who dared call her “girl.”  Grown women should not be disempowered by being referred to as girls, but the way he said it left her feeling warm and soft in the pit of her stomach.  She didn’t want to revive that feeling by being alone in a car with him again.  She remembered the last time they were alone.  Too well.  “Fine, Latroy.  I’ll see you at 6.”

“That’s my girl.  I’ll see you tonight.”

Latroy’s grin nearly stretched off of his face, thrilled that Part 1 of his plan had come together.  It was a simple plan.  Part 1 – Date the girl.  Part 2 – Take care of the girl.  Part 3 – Kiss the girl.  Part 4 – Marry the girl.  Latroy felt certain he could accomplish parts one and two tonight, and he was hopeful part three would happen, too.  Now part four, well that would take some time.  But for now at least part 1 was in motion.

Going to the same place in the same car was a date, wasn’t it?  It was in his mind, at least for tonight.

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