Even though she knew the space was empty, she whispered as she entered, afraid to ruin the sacral calm.  Honestly, she supposed she whispered because she knew the room wasn’t really empty.  Although no humans, that she knew of, ever entered this corner of the house, spirits did.

Of that she was quite sure, despite a complete and utter lack of proof.  But she knew.  She felt their energy electrifying her hair making it stand on end like when she used to touch the static electricity ball at the science center.  Except different.  At the science center, the energy started at the ball, moved through her fingertips, and coursed through her whole body like a shock.  In her quiet corner, though, the energy began at the ends of hair and undulated from the tips into her head.

The energy always remained in her head, never venturing further, massaging her brain like so much snow on a tube television screen at the conclusion of the day’s programming.  But today she beckoned for more as she whispered to her hosts to show her something beyond electrical snow.

And it pleased them to answer Annette’s barely spoken prayer.

Electricity by chikid on Pixabay at


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