Black and white "Do Not Enter -- One Way" sign
Black and white “Do Not Enter — One Way” sign

I am grateful that God doesn’t give us temptations that are beyond our ability to bear and that He gives us a way of escape.

I’m also grateful that I’m not famous.  It seems being famous offers up whole new worlds of temptations that regular folk such as myself don’t have to endure.

For example, how difficult must it be to be married and to be famous?  When you’re famous, people constantly throw themselves and their abilities and wares at you.  If every single day you are offered sex, drugs, and ways to slide outside of your moral compass, it must be very difficult to constantly say no to temptation and yes to your spouse and yes to your children and yes to your honest way of life.  I can’t imagine living my life under such scrutiny and with such ample opportunity to fall.

I’ve long said I want to be famous so I can be on Dancing with the Stars, but honestly, that is probably more than I can handle.  I’ll just have to figure out some other way to partner with Derek or Val or Tony (or, let’s be honest, whoever I can convince to pair me with).  Meanwhile I’ll just revel in my regular folk status and thank God that He knows what I can and cannot handle.

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