Something Extraordinary

I was part of something extraordinary today.

Today was my church’s Women Of God Prayer Brunch, “Sistah 2 Sistah: Bridging the Generation Gap.”  Our speakers, women of various ages and backgrounds, presented in unique ways, but they all shared a devotion to Christ.

The program began with an African praise dance and charged ahead with words of encouragement and prayer from women of multiple generations.  Our psalmist sang to the glory of God.  And then two of our ministers took the stage.

All of the words, prayers, and songs prepared us to receive the challenge offered by these two ministers.  They challenged us to excise anything in us that separates us from Christ and to establish spiritual, instead of superficial, connections with a sisterhood.  With an unexpected rawness, they laid bare their hearts, their frailties, their triumphs, and how they would never have survived the tumult of life without their sisters.

All of the individual elements of the program were amazing, but what brought the event to the extraordinary was how the Spirit of the Lord permeated every woman on program and flowed through all of us who participated at the tables.  We experienced God.  Corporately.  With our sisters in Christ.

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around how powerfully my spirit was fed and my personal status quo was challenged.  I’m still trying to wrap my mind around what God will do when we allow Him to move in our midst.

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