What If?

I just wrote in my journal, “What if I blogged for the next 365 days?”.

Um, I don’t know.  Could I do it?  Would I do it?  Would I produce quality content or simply quantity content?  When would I find the time?   How would my readership be different?  How would I be different?

Thinking about this literally makes my stomach queasy.

OK.  Let’s think through this and push anxiety to the side.

I would produce both quantity and quality content.  Some days those types of content might even overlap.  One must write to improve one’s writing, and let’s face it, I’ve not been writing all that much.  I have big plans, but in my reality, I just don’t write all that consistently.  Challenging myself to blog for the next 365 days would demand that I carve out daily time to write and that I hold that writing time sacred.  Maybe if I write this consistently I might actually learn what I’m good at, what I’m not good at, and how far I can push beyond the limits I’ve set for myself.

Could I do it?  Sure.  Would I do it?  History says no, but I don’t have to let my past completely determine my future.  Knowing my past will help me not repeat it.

How would my readership be different?  This question is loaded.  I hope all of my followers will remain with me, but maybe the dogged blogging will scare you off.  Maybe I’ll gain a wider readership.  Maybe my persistence will inspire you.  Maybe I’ll write something that speaks to you in a new way.  Maybe in finding my voice and my purpose you will also find yours.

How would I be different?  That’s also a loaded question, but just this exercise in contemplating such an undertaking has already stirred in me an excitement to shape my destiny.

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