Moms Must be Magical

Right before leaving for school this morning, TB told me that he needs a costume for the school play.  Of course the school play is tomorrow.  “What type of costume do you need,” I inquired.  And he said, I kid you not, “Christopher Columbus.”

So between now and tomorrow morning he seems to think that a Christopher Columbus outfit will magically appear.



  1. So did you pull it off? Last week, we had one night to construct a shoebox diorama of three Greek heroes fighting off a centaur who was trying to poison a pond. When the boy objected to using Davy Crockett and the other non-cowboy-hat wearing men from the Alamo as his heroes and a bandana wearing pirate for the human half of his centaur, I reminded him he couldn’t aspire to perfection if he waited until the last minute to get started.

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