Art Conspiracy Theory

Today TB had a field trip to the Art Museum. We had a great time. The kids learned about a variety of art styles and artists, and they even had the opportunity to sketch their favorite pieces.

Something interesting I noticed was that some art pieces had a line on the floor in front of them that visitors were not allowed to cross. Other installations, however, had little wire fences in front of then prohibiting visitors from taking a closer look. Hmmm, I thought. Very interesting.

Of course my initial theory was that original art was being protected by the little mini fences and that the other pieces were copies. I asked the docent, and she swiftly debunked my theory. Perhaps a little too swiftly. She assured me all of the pieces in the museum were originals. Perhaps a little to vehemently.

And to offer full disclosure, I was predisposed to not trust her. Let me explain. The docent was a beautiful woman with fantastic hair, and I told her so. No, I’m not biased against beautiful women with fabulous hair, but I’m not sure I trust a person who receives a compliment and doesn’t acknowledge it in any way. No thank you. Not even a smile or nod.

Perhaps instead of a conspiracy cover up, the docent simply didn’t want to engage with the crazy creepy lady on the field trip.

Nah. That couldn’t be it.

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