Labor comes when it comes, and you just have to muscle through it until you are changed at the end.

Because you are changed.

You have birthed something into the world, and you have a whole new relationship with that thing that you have birthed because you are its mother.  Its protector.  Its provider.  Its nurturer.

You are the one with the onus to raise it into whatever God designed for it to be, and you are the one who has to be in relationship with it and teach it and mold it and find out what its path is.

Labor doesn’t just change your situation.  Labor changes you.

And who you have become at the end of labor is the beginning of a new version of you that is more intricate and multifaceted than you could have ever imagined.  Or can even handle.

Labor doesn’t just birth something out of you; it births something in you.

You become a new entity with heightened senses; quickened reflexes; improved empathy; limitless capacity for love, compassion, creativity.

You didn’t just birth something; you helped birth you in the process.  Labor changes you.  And if you let it, if you tap into it, if you allow God to do the work He is trying to do, your labor will not just change you – it will change the world.

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