Lent 2014: Giving up Partial and Delayed Obedience

Some years for Lent I stick to my fast, and some years I don’t.  I’m trying for a better track record this year.

So, God has been telling me, pretty continually for the past 5+ years, to write.  Do I write?  Sure, but not with any sort of consistency or productivity.

I’ve made schedules and plans.  I’ve tried accountability partners and reward systems.  Yet nothing works to keep me on track.

Part of my trouble is that I suppose I haven’t made up my mind to be obedient.  But part of the trouble must be that fantastic things will start happening in people’s lives when I begin to consistently obey God.  Satan hates that, so he’s been attempting (very successfully I might add) to thwart my efforts.

I’m not trying to ascribe more power to Satan than he is due – I’ve made my choices, not him.  Somehow it seems, however, that choosing to not write and  is so much easier than choosing to write.

So this year for Lent, I am choosing to write and giving up my sin-habit of partial and delayed obedience.

I will write each morning for 20 minutes, around 6:30a.  This is creative or academic writing, not journaling or writing for a class.  I often journal or work on papers in the evening (or wee hours of the morning, let’s not split hairs, here. 🙂  ) Nevertheless, God keeps telling me to write, and He keeps on giving me projects and ideas, and I keep on ignoring Him.  This cycle must stop.

All of you are my witnesses.  All of you are my accountability my group.  You have my permission to keep me on track.



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