The Boy is so excited about his sister’s birthday.

He drew a treasure map to post on the door, so as soon as she wakes up she can follow the clues to find the treasure – a hand-made birthday card.

He hadn’t bought her a present, so he wanted to give his baseball trading cards to her as a gift.  When he wasn’t sure which ones she would like, he asked The Husband.  The Husband promptly took him to pick out the perfect gift for his sister.

He came home with a very fancy cut-glass-esque plastic yellow vase on a stand, transparent tape in a donut dispenser, and neon colored sticky notes.  While that may not sound like much, his selections demonstrate he has spent some time studying The Girl.

He was so excited about his gifts for his sister that he got a gift bag from our stash and packaged them himself.  Later he pulled me aside, “Mommy, can I show you something?”  The Boy grinned through his whisper, then he escorted me to his bedroom to show me his handiwork.

This kid adores his big sister, and he always has.  I pray one day she’ll notice.


    • Thanks, Jenni. It made me think of my brother, too. I’ll never know what sweet things he did behind the scenes.

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