You’re not Fooling Anyone

Woman in the Wedding Dress,

On the one hand, I’m happy you found anther occasion to which you could wear your wedding dress.  If you can’t wear your wedding dress to a black tie optional event, then where can you wear it?  I’ve only worn my wedding dress once, so kudos to you for making a repeat showing happen.

That said, you’re not fooling anyone.  We know it’s  a wedding dress.  It is clearly not a dress that just happens to be white.  You know I’m right.  Your turquoise shoes and purse were cute accessories, but they didn’t make it look like you weren’t wearing a wedding dress.  All they did was make me wonder if you accessorized like that at your actual wedding or if you went the more traditional white on white route.  That thought made me wonder if you were going for Tiffany blue and didn’t quite achieve it.  Tiffany blue weddings seem all the rage these days.  Speaking of Tiffany blue, I was driving behind a Tiffany blue Chevy Impala the other day, which nailed that color.  I was fascinated.  But that is another topic to ponder at another time.  Back to your wedding dress.  It wasn’t lost on me, by the way, that you may have hemmed it since your nuptials.  Some people these days wear dresses a little shorter, however, so I wasn’t sure on that count either.

Regardless of your intent, I like your style moxie, even if it doesn’t quite work.

Keep trying.  You’re bound to find an appropriate occasion to wear your wedding dress again.  Personally, I keep threatening to have a party where all of the guests wear their old wedding dresses or bridesmaid gowns.  This, too, seems a bit contrived, and in my case, ill-fitting on so many levels.

Anyhoo, I look forward to your success.  The fashion world awaits.

Your fan,


  1. Roshaunda, please forgive my being so forward, but I beg you to leave me off the guest list for your Wedding Attire party. It’s a safety thing, as people would be injured in the stampede to leave the room that would surely follow my appearance. I hope that you will post pictures, however, so that I can enjoy the festivities while wearing my pajamas. At home. In front of the computer. Cheers!

    • Linda, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t single-handedly cause that stampede. I think the greater danger is lack of oxygen. Everyone in the room will be laughing so hard at themselves and each other that I fear we will all pass out. Maybe a pajama party would be better….

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