Covert Operation

Surveillance Van #2,

When your WiFi signal showed up on my network the first time, I almost freaked out, but I’ve since grown accustomed to your presence.  Now I have questions.  So many questions.  I will try, nevertheless, to remain brief.

Why can I, a mere civilian, see your WiFi signal?  I can’t fathom why any entity surveilling people would not have access to a top-secret, hidden network.  Then I think perhaps that is part of your brilliant master plan.

Why Surveillance Van #2 as a network name?  I wouldn’t have thought anything odd about seeing Robert or 5678 or really anything else as a network name.  Surveillance Van #2, however, made me spy beyond my closed shades and out into the street.  Again, have I fallen prey to your masterfully executed primary objective?

Whom are you surveilling?  Is it me?  I worry that it is.  Alternately, I also worry about what is going on in my neighborhood that you come so frequently.  Is my low-level paranoia playing into your flawless strategy?

I wanted to knock on the window of the mysterious florist delivery van parked outside of my house at 7:30a, but I opted against it.  Frankly, I’m concerned my life may turn into a Jason Bourne movie.

Perplexed and partially petrified,


    • I know, right?! While my rational side believes “surveillance van #2” is just some neighbor’s user name, I still wonder every time I see it pop up on my available networks list.

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