Don’t Do It

This is the necklace I crocheted. Well, it’s part of it. This thing was a huge tangled mess. I felt like I did when I untangled ropes of shiny beads to festoon my Christmas tree.

So I cut this joker. Just when I thought I was about to untangle it, new tangles formed. Cutting it was my only option. At least my only option that wouldn’t drive me crazy after over an hour of detangling. I needed some conditioner with a lot of slip and a detangling brush to succeed without scissors.

Do I think it’s cute? Yes, I do. I’ll have to work out how I want to style it, but it’s got potential. Was it easy to make? Yes. Was it quick to make? No, but if I were a more expert crocheter (with more stamina), it would have gone more quickly.

Unless you start this project with a way to lessen the tangled nightmare you’ll have at the end, I wouldn’t recommend it. Nevertheless, I’m glad I made this necklace, and I’m probably do something similar in the future.

And that’s my bit of creativity for today.

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