Video Clips, Baby

Today I uploaded a bitmoji image into Canva to create a cover design for something on my LELA House website. Along the way, I apparently spiraled way off topic and never made the image I set out to make. Well, I made the image I intended to make, but I didn’t use it for its intended purpose.


I spent a large portion of my day designing in Canva, Google Slides, getting Google Add-ons, testing animation, recording videos, uploading videos, deleting videos, and pushing ALL the buttons in Youtube. I did this all in an effort to learn how to add short video clips to my regular Reading with Roshaunda videos to serve as intro and outro material. Oh, and I also created a thumbnail image for my Youtube videos.

I succeeded, but I’m not entirely sure it was worth the effort. Adding the video clip at the end was easy. QuickTime Player has an option to do just that, so I availed myself of it. Adding the video clip at the beginning was trickier and took me a few tries. I ended up adding the clip to the end of the main video then dragged it to the beginning of the main video. Even that took a few tries.

I ended up with a 32-second video that is enormous and took about 10 minutes to save to my computer.

Behold my creation below!

And that’s my bit of creativity for today.

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