Get Your Educational Writing Enrichment at LELA House! Step Right Up!

As I am ever-evolving, so is my business, LELA House.

I’m shifting LELA House to become more of what it has always been in mind – an educational enrichment community where seekers, dreamers, and visionaries explore life, learning, literacy, and creativity through coaching, courses, and connection. LELA House is a place where you can learn to become who God created you to be.

Now, that’s a daunting proposition, and I think the sheer magnitude of it has kept me from diving in to the full awesome potential that is LELA House. But no more!

All of the things LELA House has been, it will continue to be: a space to receive life coaching and writing coaching, a platform to take reading and writing courses, and a venue for community events.

I plan to launch all the things in May, but I’m building my website and releasing information as I do so.

And today I built the Writing Enrichment Track page of my new website.


While you’re there, browse the new website, sign up for a course, and pass along the information to your friends.

And that’s my bit of creativity for today.

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