She Said Yes!

No proposals went forth recently, but when I asked TG if she wanted a Chapstick holder key chain, she said yes. Teenagers keep you on your toes, that’s for sure. She said if she ever goes back to school it would be convenient to hang her Chapstick from her backpack. Ah, now there’s the teenager I know and love.

I’m already considering how to alter the instructions to make a holder that can accommodate a personal sized bottle of hand sanitizer. That would also be convenient to hang from a backpack. And what else should we hang from backpacks and such that this cute little pouch could accommodate?

My wheels are turning, but I have to return to mask making. TB has put in a request for a mask style I don’t understand how to make, and I have 3 small orders to fulfill.

But I’ll find my way back to this project, the bookmarks, and my recent idea for whole punch and cereal box jewelry (you didn’t think I had forgotten about all of my whole punches did you?).

And that’s my bit of creativity for today.

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