20/20 Vision

I’m thinking about my two favorite raccoons – Work Boot and Quasi – who I mentioned the other day in my story about how they attempted to break into my bedroom. After telling that story (and usually after telling about any interesting encounter I have), people told me things like that only happen to me.

That used to rankle me. Things like having raccoons trying to break into your house happen to everyone; it’s just a part of life. I discussed this idea with a colleague once, and she said I was right, that these sorts of daily life things happen to everyone, but very few people see them like I do. That has stuck with me, this idea of seeing things differently.

So now I have a nascent idea – something to do with vision. I feel like I should reread Ways of Seeing by John Berger. I don’t remember anything about it actually, but I do remember reading it in my college freshman composition course impacted me. I imagine I’ve been seeing things differently since at least then.

I’ve got nothing to show for the creating that’s churning inside of me right now, but I will one day, and I’ll gladly share it with you.

And that’s my bit of creativity for today.

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