Making all these masks is changing me.

If you had asked me before the national recommendation for everyone to wear masks when leaving their houses if I knew how to sew, I would have said, “Sort of.”

I can make and mend things, but I certainly cannot handle making fitted garments.  Fitting clothing to people has always been beyond me.

As I have pinned together masks, however, I’ve realized that I more than sort of know how to sew.  I’m not about to make a prom dress, but I can sew masks that help ensure the health and wellbeing of others.

Recognizing that a latent skill can help me help others has made me wonder what else I’m sitting on that can enhance other’s lives.  What do I downplay, take for granted, or otherwise discount that I could use to enrich someone else?

That kind of thinking is changing me, and I’m glad about it.

And that’s my bit of creativity for today.

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