Sort of

wp-1584551557952.jpgI did it!  Sort of.

I successfully transferred three knots from my hand string to my shuttle string.  I know I did this correctly, because the knots could move on the shuttle string.

And then they didn’t.

I did something that got my knots all locked up and my string wouldn’t move and I couldn’t undo the knots and I ended up with a big mess.  Well, actually, the mess wasn’t that big.  I tested to see if the knots would move on the shuttle string after making three of them, so I would know if I was on the right track.

I was.  Until I wasn’t.

I’m not sure where I’m going wrong, but I do know one place where I’m going right.  When I move the shuttle under both the shuttle string and the hand string to make a loop, I can feel the knot move from the hand string to the shuttle string.  I think I’m going awry on the over movement of the shuttle.

Yet I persist.

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