When I was in elementary school, we sometimes played a game in class where we had to think of alternate uses and contexts for objects.

I played the game tonight, as I looked around my living room. I alit on the space heater, drawn in by the beauty of its decorative scroll work. So, of course, I thought of some alternate uses and contexts.

  • As currently attached to the grate, it would make great fencing for the Borrowers.
  • Removed from the grate, it would be a lovely way to fasten a scarf.
  • If you wanted to fool someone into believing you have a music box, this shot (with its visible inner workings), along with a good story, might do the trick.
  • Back to the Borrowers – they could sort and organize their mail in the slots and the scroll work.
  • This would make a mighty fine jungle gym for caterpillars.
  • Adding a seat and a rider would make it look like an antique stylized bicycle as viewed through a zoetrope.

And that’s my bit of creativity for today.

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