Fall from Lace


I’ve been threatening to learn how to tat for a few years now.  About a half year ago I wound my shuttle, and today I attempted my to make my first ring.

Pictured above are four failed attempts at creating a ring.  I love that failure is part of the learning process, because that means I’m right on track.

I really enjoyed the motion of tatting, which I think I did correctly.  At least I seemed to be doing the same thing as the woman on Youtube, who I slowed down to 25% of normal, so I could watch the wizardry of her motion.

What I couldn’t do, however, was pull my string to close my loop.  I pulled, but the loop declined my offer.  I think I’m holding too much tension in my left hand as I work.  I’m not sure, but that’s what I deduced from the tatting book.  You see I’m working with a multi-pronged approach to learning.

Maybe I’ll figure it out when I try again tomorrow.

And that’s my bit of creativity for today.

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