What Do You Know?


I’m a one-thing-at-a-time sort of a person.  I will have many projects going simultaneously, but I typically only do one thing at a time.

If I’m having a conversation, that’s all I’m doing in that moment.  Or driving or taking a walk.  I don’t tend to fill up my senses with something outside of what I’m doing.  While I will listen to music while cleaning, for example, I don’t always.  And listening to music is its own activity that I will do without having to heap something else on it.

I like to experience the fullness of my experiences.

Except when I listen to podcasts.

I just have to do something while I listen to podcasts, but I’ve found it difficult to find just the thing to do, because I enjoy the doing of things without having something additional attendant to it.

Ah, but I can listen to a podcast while I latch hook.  And in a bit of serendipitous God-timing, the podcast I listened to was about slow-motion multitasking and how it is key to creativity.

What do you know?

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