Take Me Back


At one point in my life, I knew how to crochet.  I could make scarves and blankets and such.  My crowing achievement was a poncho with a popcorn design I made for my toddler daughter, who is now 15.

I remember at the time I became inspired to crochet a poncho for myself, so I bought some fine, shimmery yarn for the project.  Fast forward 13 years, and I’m watching Youtube videos for crochet beginners.

I have ventured into crocheting in the intervening 13 years, as recently as last year, even.  Last year when I pulled out my yarn and hooks, I ended up throwing the project (yarn, hook, and all) across the room in frustration.

When time to create came today, I couldn’t bring myself to color.  I’m still trying to figure out why coloring isn’t my jam, but today I needed to feel textile between my fingers, not explore my psyche, so I dug out my yarn, an oversized hook for the gauge of yarn I have, and my dear friend, Youtube.

What I’ve created is a hot mess, but I’m excited to see what it becomes.


  1. I love this textile experience you’re having! Love my knitting time so much. Knitting helps me forget my worries.

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