Poking Dots, Part 5


As I sat down to poke holes tonight, I wondered why I felt so much concern about my holes not going all the way through the envelopes.  My intended plan is to place bath tea bags insides of each envelope, so the package can be a sachet until someone wants a spa bathing experience using a hand-crafted bath tea.

In short, I don’t expect anything to slip out of the bath tea bag and into the envelope, at least not in a way that would incite more than minor spillage.

I determined I don’t need to stuff a microfiber cloth in each envelope before poking holes as a means to prevent holes from going all the way through.  So what if holes go all the way through?  That will just be more avenues for the sachet to send its fragrance far and wide.

So I put my envelope on my cutting board and applied my seam ripper, and nothing happened.  It turns out I needed something soft between the cutting board and the envelope.  Hello microfiber cloth, my old friend (I hope you had “Hello, Darkness, my old friend” in your head, just as I did).

Now I have an envelope with holes that go all the way through that is also not all wrinkled up, like its compatriots, from having been stuffed with a microfiber cloth.

And that’s my bit of creativity for the day.

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