Waves, Part 6


I found my groove tonight.

I honed my hole punching skills so that my process became automatic, which left me the mental space to contemplate.  So I did.

I thought about my uncles, specifically my father’s brothers.

One of them is an artist, and I know he’s proud of the work I’m doing to expand my creative horizons.  Another is a golfer and academic who fights for diversity and equality in his sport.  He constantly encourages my writing, so I know he’s excited about my regular posting.

Then I got an alert about the strike on US troops.  Immediately I thought of my uncles who served in Vietnam.  No one should experience war.  No one.

I realized what an important role art plays in war.  It helps us express emotions as well as process them.  It’s an outlet that both puts people on notice and heals them.

Thank You, God, for art and uncles.

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