Full-steam Ahead

I just posted chapters 2-3 of William Wells Brown’s Clotel on my Youtube channel.  I’ve already recorded myself reading about half of the book, even though I just began releasing the recordings weekly.  I’ve committed to this endeavor.  Have you?  If not, it’s not too late to get aboard the 19th Century train.  Choo choo!

Too weird?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

I recently read a Call for Papers (CFP) titled “Teaching the Weird Nineteenth Century.”  The proposed panel at a national conference will explore how focusing on the bizarre things that happen in 19th Century texts may be a way to increase student engagement.

And then it hit me like a train (too much extended metaphor?) that one of the many reasons I love 19th Century American literature is because it is so weird.  Unusual things jump off all the time in these texts, and I find it engrossing and fascinating.

Perhaps you will, too.  Check out my latest Reading with Roshaunda post below to discover a new side of yourself.

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