Only a Little While Longer Remix

It has finally happened – TG is in high school.  That’s a milestone for her, but also for me.

You see, I started blogging as TG neared the end of first grade.  Now she’s starting ninth grade.  That means that I’ve been chronicling our lives (and you’ve been reading about them) for quite some time now.  TG has grown from a cute little girl to a beautiful young lady.  I’m awed.  And amazed.  And grateful.

I’m grateful to God for giving me such a wonderful family and providing me with people who have watched us grow over the past 7 years.  I’m grateful you’ve tagged along on this journey.

I’m constantly on the verge of reinventing myself, and if you’ve stuck with me through the various blogs and name changes and consolidations and course corrections, you’ve watched that happen, too.

So as I think about how TG is beginning high school, and TB is owning middle school, I also contemplate how I will live in the moment of “only a little while longer,” which was the original name of my blog.

And I’m excited for what’s around the corner.  I hope you’re there with me.

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