Shine On

It’s a weird thing to me, to commemorate a person’s death.  But that’s what we’ve done today – commemorate the death of Rev. Dr. martin Luther King, Jr., and in doing so, we highlight his life and legacy.  And in shining the light on his legacy, I can’t help but see so much of the darkness around us.

I want there to be more light.  I want there to be more dreams fulfilled.  I want there to be more harmony.

But I’m full of wants.

And I suppose Dr. King was, too.

If I’m like him in that respect, perhaps I am in others.

So while I may never lead a country toward reaching its potential, I can impact a person or two and dispel a little bit of darkness.

And if we each let our little lights shine, the darkness will succumb to the light.

Martin Luther King, Jr. by OpenClipartVectors on Pixabay at


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