9 Signs You May Live Next to an Airbnb

Even before we began suspecting that the house next door was an Airbnb, we had a lot of, let’s say, turnover, in the residents of the house.  Sometimes it was an older couple.  We had a few families.  For a while it was the same core family members but the other members of the family unit swapped out.  We’ve had an array of pets next door, too, including chickens.  It wasn’t uncommon for a chicken to pop through a crack in our fence to parade around our backyard.

So we finally determined the abode next door must be an Airbnb, because it was the only thing that made sense.  Below are 9 signs that you, too, may live next to an Airbnb.

  1. Lots of construction between residents.
  2. Constantly changing residents.
  3. Constantly changing residents with a lot of luggage but not enough to indicate permanent residence.
  4. Cars.  Lots of them.  Different ones.  All the time.
  5. Inexplicable weeknight parties.
  6. Loud arguments and drunkenness.
  7. Inordinate amounts of pizza boxes stacked on the trash can.
  8. Kids you’ve never seen before playing on your basketball goal and when questioned about where they came from and if their parents know where they are, they say they’re staying next door for a week while their dad looks for a job.  Ok – that one is a gimme.
  9. An ever increasing collection of objets d’arts on the side of the house that includes, among other treasures, chicken wire, sticks, 2x4s, bed springs, and a pyramid of bowling balls.

Behold the bowling balls.

Bowling ball pyramid on the side of our neighbor's house
Bowling ball pyramid on the side of our neighbor’s house

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