I’m struggling with reality today.

We have lawmakers saying teachers shouldn’t get paid more but should get second jobs.
We have the repeal of the Affordable Healthcare Act.
We have black boys continuing to die.
We have the elimination of educational efforts for girls around the globe.

I was about to write my heart is broken, but then I remembered that I read once we don’t have broken hearts, but rather broken expectations.

And my expectations are broken.

I expected teachers to be able to thrive on their salaries.
I expected people to have access to affordable healthcare.
I expected black boys to be able to live.
I expected girls to be able to receive good educations.

I think my problem is that I continue to expect these things.

But I will continue to expect these things and more.

And one day my reality will live up to my expectations.

"Welcome to the Future" written on a chalkboard by geralt on Pixabay at
“Welcome to the Future” written on a chalkboard by geralt on Pixabay at

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