Never Enough Time

We’ve recently been thinking about where TG should go to high school.  She’ll be in the 8th grade in the fall, and that’s when applications will be due.  So it’s definitely time to look and consider all of our options.

But it just can’t be that time yet.

Even though I know she could only have been two or three when she saw me in the shower and said, “Ooo Mommy!  You got your own rain!” – or – when she saw me getting out of the shower and said, “Ooo Mommy!  You got tiger stripes!” it doesn’t feel like it was that long ago.

I certainly don’t remember the last time she said, “Ooo Mommy!” but it’s been a while.  Similarly, “Mommy” eventually faded into “Mom,” and her excitement to talk to me also waned.

She was so happy for me that I had my own personal rain and that I had tiger stripes.  Her everyday world was filled with wonder.  Everything was new and exciting.

Now she thinks she knows everything, and she views the wonders of the world as passé.  It seems her excitement comes only in spurts with long gaps between.  But when she smiles and the genuine light of wonder fills her eyes and flushes her cheeks, I forget how long it’s been since I’ve seen that sweet face of my baby girl, and I just soak it in to keep it in mind until the next time.

TG at an aquarium
TG at an aquarium

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