TG discovered my blog and confronted me about it.

TG: Mom, you write stories about us and post them on your blog. 

Me: Yes.

TB: You mean Facebook. Mom writes stories about us on Facebook.

TG: And on her blog.

TB: How do you know?

TG: I googled her. Just go to roshaundacade.com, if you want to see.

TB: Like on the internet? Mom’s not on the internet.

Me: Yes I am.

TB: No, I mean the real internet. Like websites and stuff.

TG: Look her up yourself at roshaundacade.com.

TB: You mean Mom has a website?

TG: Yes. Roshaundacade.com.

TB: That’s not true.

Me: Yes it is.

TB: Really?

Me: Yes.

TB: Cool.

TG: How’s your book about us coming along. We’re going to be famous.

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