Frozen Treats

I’ve been thinking about my grandmother a lot lately.  I always think of her around Christmas time, because she used to come stay at our house every year for Christmas.  She loved to say, “Jesus is the reason for the season,” but she also said it when it wasn’t season appropriate.  I remember one summer we had the following conversation.

Grandmommy: And remember, Precious, Jesus is the reason for the season.
Me: What season?  The most recent holiday was flag day.
Grandmommy: So.  Jesus is the reason for every season.

You can’t argue with logic like that.

I was thinking of her again this morning as I was jonesing for a frozen treat.  I love frozen treats.  I think popsicles are a food group, but I digress.  I decided to make myself some apple juice and sprite mixed with crushed ice.  My grandmother used to make that special for me, minus the soda, when we would visit her apartment.

She lived alone in a walk-up apartment.  It was at least three floors up, and I would always be so tired once we finally got to her door.  Once inside, I remember always noticing her plants and her plastic-covered furniture, but I never stopped to admire them, because I made a beeline right for the toys.  She kept toys in the corner for her grandkids to play with when we came over, but once I got older, I realized she likely kept those toys for the benefit of my brother and me.  With the exception of twin cousins who are about two years younger than I am, my brother and I are the youngest grandkids on my mom’s side.

At any rate, I would play with the pots and pans and other kitchen toys while I listened to her blender going in the kitchen.  Once the blender stopped, I would walk into the kitchen, which was furnished like a 1950s diner, sit at the formica table and sip my special treat.  Grandmommy didn’t make this treat for my brother or anyone else as far as I know.  I got it made especially for me because I was allergic to just about everything else.  Even then I always thought it was so cool to have my grandmother think enough of me to make something special for me.

So today as I made myself a frozen treat I thought of her.

Frozen treat made of apple juice, Sprite, and ice
Frozen treat made of apple juice, Sprite, and ice


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