Never Lose Its Power

I’ve been reading Leviticus, and if you’ve ever read Leviticus, you know that it details all sorts of animal sacrifices for all sorts of sins.  It’s staggering how much blood had to be shed in order for God’s people to be in right relationship with Him.  And as I was reading this morning I thought, “Wow, Jesus’ blood is so extraordinarily powerful that it was able to do away with the need for all of these sacrifices and for all of the blood that was spread on the altar and sprinkled in the tabernacle, that it took the place of every single bull and goat and ram and lamb and turtledove, that His sacrifice was sufficient for every sin ever committed and every sin ever to be committed.  Wow.”

It feels false to call this a revelation.  I already knew and believed that Jesus’ sacrifice was more than enough to take away the guilt of every sin committed by every person ever.  I suppose I was struck by the illustrative effect of reading Leviticus.  I’ve read Leviticus before, but I think I glossed over the sheer amount of blood sacrifices that were required to stay in relationship with God.  I suppose I just brushed it off as one of those Old Testament things that I don’t have to worry about.

But I was so wrong.  I needed to read Leviticus to know how serious God is about the steps required to approach Him in His holiness and how awesome, extraordinary, incredible, selfless, powerful, and miraculous Jesus’ sacrifice was in that it fulfilled and obliterated the need for humans to sacrifice any animal ever again for any sin they ever commit.

Jesus’ death was the forever and for always sacrifice that’s sufficient for everyone.

Just wow.

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