Everyday Ordinary

I don’t know much about doors, but I know I use lots of doors in the course of a day.  That got me thinking I should find out more about doors.  Well, I looked it up, and I got overwhelmed.  So many different types of mechanisms make all sorts of doors function.

Doors with knobs, doors you push, doors you pull, doors that swing, doors that revolve, car doors, cabinet doors, closet doors, front doors, back doors, side doors, basement doors, attic doors, garage doors, bathroom doors, French doors, sliding doors, storm doors, screen doors, folding doors, wood doors, steel doors, core doors, paneled doors, entry doors, aluminum doors, fiberglass doors, plastic doors, toy doors, dollhouse doors, model doors, locker doors, magnetic doors, refrigerator doors, freezer doors, safe doors.

So many doors.

I tried to count how many doors I used in the course of the day today, but between the number of times I opened my closet, opened a cabinet, and used the bathroom, my tally was outrageously high, and I’m not even certain I remembered all of the times I used a door in these particular instances.

And do you know what’s particularly interesting?

Every door I’ve used today has worked.

Doors, like so many other daily necessities, go unnoticed until they don’t work.

I encourage you to take the time to consider the things that make your life run that you completely take for granted.  Now take a moment to express gratitude for whatever those things are.

Doors today – maybe electrical outlets tomorrow.

Blue double door by Eukalyptus on Pixabay at https://pixabay.com/en/door-blue-beautiful-196114/
Blue double door by Eukalyptus on Pixabay at https://pixabay.com/en/door-blue-beautiful-196114/

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