Moms are Pretty Cool

My mom makes me laugh.

If you haven’t laughed with your mom in while, I highly recommend it.  Try to make it happen today.

If your mom is not available for you two to share a laugh, for whatever reasons, think of a laugh the two of you have shared.

If you’ve never shared a laugh with your mother, think of someone who has mothered you, and relive a good moment.

Having someone to love you like a mother is a blessing.  Relish all of the moments – the ones that don’t make you laugh, but today, think especially about the ones that do.

For my day’s laughter, I have two words:

Jeans suit.

Stack of jeans by jarmoluk on Pixabay at
Stack of jeans by jarmoluk on Pixabay at


  1. What? Jeans suit? Would you mind adding a few more words. . .I want to laugh too. I love you and our mom. You both tickle me. Our dad too. I chuckle a lot with you 3.

    • Yes, lots and lots of chuckles. Do you remember from a long time ago when Justin Timberlake and Brittany Spears were dating and they wore matching jeans suits to some awards show? Look up that image to get an idea. At any rate, Mommy has often extolled to me the virtues of having a nice pair of jeans and a matching jeans jacket, which, of course, I termed a suit. Fortunately she doesn’t mean anything as ridiculous looking as Justin Timberlake ‘s ensemble.

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