Stuff of Dreams, Nay Nightmares

I didn’t even know I was looking forward to this day until it arrived.  The day I never knew I dreamed of discovered me yesterday.

TG asked for my help to concoct an outfit for ’80s day as part of school spirit week.

Yes!  I can do this.

I was a fashion cognizant, if not forward, person for the entirety of the 1980s.  I was alive for most of the ’70s, but I don’t recall the fashion.  My biggest fashion memory of the 1970s is a kelly green top and shorts set my mom made for me that had a tiger appliqué on the left chest.  I loved that outfit.  The rest of my ’70s fashion memories actually stem from photos I’ve seen enough times to fool myself into thinking I remember.

The ’80s, however, ah the ’80s.  I remember what I wore in the ’80s, although I would be better off forgetting some of the outfits.  The disasters that were my 6th, 7th, and 8th grade school pictures come to mind.  Rolled bangs, side ponytail, and suspenders, anyone?  I even remember that it was during that decade that I got some of my first store-bought clothes.  At the time I didn’t realize how cool it was my mom made almost all of my clothes (even swimming suits!), and I longed for the poor quality of retail.  How ridiculous I was.

But back to my 7th grader.  Who (gasp) asked for my help.  Out of her own free will.

Give me a moment to revel in that.

Ok, I’m back.

For one brief moment radiant light and heavenly anthems rained down on me in glorious splendor, and then I realized TG didn’t actually want my help.  She just wanted me to tell her whatever she came up with was cute.  I offered suggestions.  She shot them down.  She said, “Mom, they didn’t wear that in the ’80s.”  Was she alive then?  Nope, but I was.  Nevertheless, my first-hand expertise of the era went unheeded.  She only accepted one piece of ’80s fashion advice from me.

The side ponytail, and she accepted that only because she likes side ponytails, anyway.

She is, after all, her mother’s child.

"Welcome to the Future" written on a chalkboard by geralt on Pixabay at
“Welcome to the Future” written on a chalkboard by geralt on Pixabay at



  1. Did you show her pictures of some of the nonsense that was, in fact, worn in the 80s? I don’t think TG realizes what a good resource she had staring at her when she asked for your help.

    • I was going to, but she said she had already looked up pictures online, so she knew all about it. I’m slowly coming to grips with the fact that she doesn’t think I know anything. 🙂

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