Thank You

Dear Readers,

Thank you for the messages wondering why I haven’t been blogging.  You are sweet to notice and doubly sweet to be concerned about me.

I’m just fine.  Life has gotten terribly busy these past few weeks, and I’ve taken rest over blogging.

I’ll be back in action soon.

Roshaunda on Mother's Day 2016
Roshaunda on Mother’s Day 2016


  1. Hello Dr. Cade! This david and vinny from your 7th period Advanced Comp Class. Lily said she saw you the other day and said it was awkward. I cant blame her, u just kinda left with no reason. Kate refuses to believe anyone else is her teacher except her. I googled amari on google images, all that came up was a bunch of pictures of a football player. The 2 new teacher mrs. Cearley said she was worried about me, but its ok, I feel sane.

    • David and Vincent! I’m sorry my leaving was so weird. It was right for me, but I miss you guys every day. I was so excited when I saw Lily that I probably freaked her out. Why are you looking up Amari on Google images? Why is your teacher worried about you? Take care and keep me posted.

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