Movies on a book shelf

While at a relative’s house, I wandered into the study and beelined to the book shelf. I couldn’t wait to grab a book and find a quiet corner. Imagine my disappointment when I realized it was a bookshelf full of movies, not books.
Of course it’s a bookshelf of movies; it’s 2016. Even the bookshelf of movies is passe for the 21st century. A bookshelf full of books? That’s positively prehistoric.


  1. Sad. 😦 My bookshelves are only for books (and random little knick knacks that perch in front of books). Movies generally live in cabinets that have doors that close and hide them away.

    • My bookshelves hold the same things, and pictures, too. I have do many books on my shelves that they’re stacked up. My movies are all VHS (many of which I purchased with you), except about 3 or 4 DVDs. My movies are tucked away in an ottoman. We don’t have a DVD player or VCR, so all of our movies are dead to us.

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