On the way home from school yesterday I told TB we were going to run by Walgreens.

TB: What are we getting?
Me: I’m getting some ibuprofen.
TB: Which one?
Me: Ibuprofen.
TB: Which one?
Me: Are you asking me which name brand of ibuprofen I’m getting?
TB: No, which Walgreens.  The one near our house?
Me: We have two Walgreens nearly equidistant from our house.
TB: Which one are we going to?

I told him which Walgreens would be our destination.

Once inside Walgreens, I located the ibuprofen.

TB: That’s not what we normally get, is it?
Me: No, I don’t typically keep ibuprofen on hand for Dad and me, but I do keep ibuprofen for you and your sister.
TB: Oh, we use ibuprofen?
Me: Yeah, you guys use it when you get injuries, like from gymnastics.  Actually, I think we’re almost out, but I’m not going to buy any more right now.
TB: Strawberry.

Bottle of Walgreens brand ibuprofen
Bottle of Walgreens brand ibuprofen

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